Complementary Custom Orthotic Consultation

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go here At Quattro, we specialize in physiotherapy – the process of getting people back on their feet after an illness, injury or disability. Our approach involves treating the “whole” patient, which means patients become involved in their own care through education and direct participation in their treatment. Our team works to provide all the care patients need to return to normal duties, from standard physical therapy techniques, to a wide range of holistic methods and treatment.

source link Some of the treatment options we provide at Quattro include:

Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy

Also referred to as the McKenzie Method, mechanical diagnosis and therapy involves direct patient involvement in the treatment program. Treatment focuses on the back, neck and extremities. Once a diagnosis is made, a step-by-step process is used to find the best possible treatment option for the patient.

Manual Therapy

buy zaditor This type of physical therapy uses the hands of the therapist as the tool, rather than devices or machines. Manual therapy can offer significant relief from chronic pain, using a combination of soft tissue work and manipulation.


This Eastern form of medicine uses needles inserted into strategic locations throughout the body to relieve pain and treat a variety of illnesses. It has also been used effectively to minimize nausea in chemotherapy patients. The theory behind acupuncture is that the needles release the flow of energy (known as chi) throughout the body, so the body can heal itself.

Functional Movement Screening

This system identifies asymmetries and limitations in movement, so that the physical therapist can construct an exercise program to address a patient’s specific needs. The exercise philosophy can also be used to effectively track a patient’s progress.


This procedure holds muscles and ligaments in place during exercise. It is frequently used by professional athletes, as well as physical trainers and therapists working with clients. Taping aids in the healing and recovery of the body.


Peter Theodospoulos / Physiotherapist

Peter Theodosopoulos obtained his Bachelor Degree in Kinesiology followed by a Master's Degree in Sports Medicine at Western University in 2002. He then obtained a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the State University of New York - Buffalo in 2005.

Peter currently is an Assistant Professor at Western University and has been teaching in the Faculty of Health Studies Rehabilitation program over the last 5 years. Peter has over 10 years' experience working in outpatient orthopedics.

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